Dream Builds

Every rider has their dream bike. Here are some of ours.

The Freenduro SCOR 4060 LT

Enzo Cavard has invented a new genre of riding, ‘freenduro’. A mix of freeride and enduro Enzo describes it as the kind of trails that are steep, committed and filled with big hits – and even bigger features. With its big bike feel and playful attitude his 4060 LT is built for freenduro, or any other kind of riding you can think of.

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Ludo’s Alpine Dream Machine

While most of us are alpine dreaming, Ludo is living the dream. Whether he’s tackling long mountain descents or sending it in the bike park, this 4060 LT is his ultimate alpine dream machine.

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Ludo’s 2030 Dream Build

Ludo May needed a bike that was light, strong, fun and bear-proof, for his trip through Europe’s Balkan mountains. Using the short-travel, big-attitude 2030 frame as a base, Ludo chose a selection of parts he knew would be up to the task of scaling mountains and outrunning bears.

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Britt’s Bike Setup

“My Powder Rose 4060 LT looks sleek, smashes through the steeps and has all the pop I need to have fun on jump lines. Riding a mullet setup really is the best of both worlds, especially if you're not on the taller side of life, like me!” – Britt Gustafson

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Thomas’ 2030 Dream Build

You can only have one bike, what are you going to pick? For Thomas, SCOR’s marketing manager, it’s the 2030. Light enough for long climbs and hike-and-bike missions, but with the ability to max out on fun on sketchy descents, it’s his perfect one-bike solution.

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Kasi's Bike Setup for Elba

Taking inspiration from the Italian island of Elba, Kasi’s 4060 LT is the dolce vita (good life) on two wheels. Built for taking on the island’s rocky, challenging trails, but also looking good outside the bar with an apres-ride Aperol, it's an enduro bike that’s all about taking the rough with the smooth.

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Bastien's 2030 Bike Setup

Which bike do you choose when adventure calls? For Bastien, SCOR’s very own master of the spanners, the 2030 is the answer. Known for his obsessive attention to detail, Bastien has built what he considers to be the ultimate bike for epic rides.

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Shirley's Bike Setup

Ready for the ultimate trail-surfer? Say aloha to Shirley’s 4060 ST, a bike built to ride dirt waves, carve woodland trails and barrel through rocky chutes.

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Juliette's Bike Setup

Chamonix? More like Chamo-gnar. Juliette’s home trails are rough and rowdy so her 4060 LT is specced for maximum fun in tight and techy Alpine switchbacks and flat-out speed on her favorite freeride forest lines. When we say Play The Mountains, this is what we mean.

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One Frame, Four Different Setups.

Like us, the 4060 loves to bust out moves on the trails. Everyone has their own style though, so we asked four of the team here at SCOR to show us how they’ve built up their Midnight Disco 4060 frames to fit their particular groove. From a ready-to-rock mullet mix to the latest in electronica, see whose setup gets your head nodding.

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Josh's Bike Setup in Chile

Need a bike for riding down volcanoes? Josh Lewis gives us the lowdown on his custom-built SCOR 4060 LT. This is Josh's ideal bike for outrunning lava and shredding through loamy terrain.

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Jérôme's Bike Setup

The Yum Gum 4060 LT, flawlessly designed to match Jérôme's riding style, is his ultimate companion on the trails, offering exceptional maneuverability, unwavering stability, and pure enjoyment as he conquers a wide range of terrain, from majestic alpine landscapes to thrilling bike park trails.

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Enzo's Bike Setup

Like his Yum Gum 4060 LT, Enzo Cavard is all about agility, style and being able to handle the biggest of moves. Check out how the next generation of French Freeduro has built his perfect ride.

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Alex's Bike Setup

The dream bike built to take on the toughest Squamish trails. Cool Canadian Alex Hinkson presents his 4060 LTD ready to face any challenge. Well... once winter is over.

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Ludo's Bike Setup

The king of the switchbacks, Ludo May, talks to us about his Yum Gum 4060 LT. Find out how he balances a playful feel with steep line stability to tackle those signature tight turns.

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