A Chilean Odyssey

This Odyssey takes us on a tour through Chile’s Andean volcanos. Between Josh “Loosedog” Lewis, Ludo May and Kasi Schmidt on bikes, and the slim potential of volcanic activity, the episodes are sure to entertain and delight.

Volume 1 - Icalma

Some odysseys span distances untold, fathoms into the sea or Everesting into the sky. This one, however, will take you on a tour of Chile’s fiery Andean volcanos with the intrepid crew, as they venture into an unknown paradise of single track and freeriding.

Thanks to the help of their friend and local guide Nico Prudencio, the crew manages to avoid being scalded by the contents of Icalma’s Batea Mahuida volcano. They also witness a Chilean rodeo, find out why Loosedog is called Loosedog, and take a unique shuttle vehicle at Colico bike park. Oh, and each one of them shreds the hell out of the volcano, so there’s that too.

Volume 1 is just the taster, but my goodness does it taste good. You’ll be asking for seconds, we know it.

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Volume 2 - Pucon

Pucon exists as a microcosm of mountain culture. With sports shops and cafes galore, the crew sets out to experience its further reaches, avoiding the busy streets in favour of the amazing lines that adorn the Villarica volcano. In this incredible setting the crew hikes up to get down some of that sweet sweet scree slope, experiences lava flow single track, and shreds a backyard jump line.

Individually, Josh Lewis enjoys Pucon’s ripping trails through the trees while Ludo May muses on the meaning of life beneath a bubbling lava pit. All this and more, in Volume 2 of a Chilean Odyssey!

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Volume 3 - Huilo Huilo

After two weeks on the road, the crew has been treated to the many soils and views that Chile has to offer. Huilo Huilo offers groomed bike park trails, loamy steeps, and soft volcanic earth. The difference in Huilo Huilo’s alpine terrain is attributed to the formidable glacier which sits above the rideable terrain, much to Ludo’s delight (it reminds him of his homeland).

Josh warms up with a few fast plants at the pump track and then tackles the berms and jumps of El Traro, the bike park’s machine-built flow trail. Ludo dives headfirst down Bagual, a steep and loose black ribbon down the mountainside. The two then converge for a shred session below the glacier, undeterred by gale force winds. Not to be missed is Ludo wrapping up the trip with an eloquent soliloquy, Josh tumbling down the slope while hiking up, and an epic photo montage to end it all. Until next time, dear viewer!

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