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From hauling trail building tools to zipping through alpine trails on their daily commute or cranking up the power for endless fun-filled laps, our riders make the most of their e-bikes.

Kasi’s 4060 Z Bike Check

The Freiburg native and avid rider tells us why he cannot get enough of his 4060. From conquering challenging climbs to accelerating his post-work trail sessions, this versatile bike is Kasi's ultimate riding partner.

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Ride on Repeat

Beni G finds freedom on his SCOR 4060 Z E-MTB in Squamish!

Beni G hopped on his SCOR 4060 Z for some pedal-pushing fun in Squamish, his top pick for the world’s best biking spot.

From carving out new tracks to shaping trails and freewheeling around, Beni's all about that sense of freedom on his e-bike. His motto? “No bounds!" With the 4060 Z, he's free to unleash his creativity on the trails and then hit replay. Let's ride on repeat!

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4060 Z: Action Man’s All-Mountain Bike

Ride, slide, fly. For Swiss action-man Jerome Caroli there are many ways to get down a mountain. But, when it comes to getting to the top, his 4060 Z e-bike is the only way to travel.

We asked Jerome to tell us more about his all-season all-mountain bike and how – no matter if he’s on the trails, on the slopes or in the air – an e-bike keeps him playing the mountains.

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Josh’s 4060 Z Bike Check

Join the skilled trickster and experienced trail builder as he elevates his biking experience with the 4060 Z.

Whether it's the convenience of carrying his trail building tools or the exhilaration of conquering his local trails, Josh knows how to amplify the fun with his trusted companion.

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Thomas’ 4060 Z LT Bike Check

Trail builder and freerider, Thomas, gives us a rundown of the 4060 Z LT’s features and tells us how, for him, it’s as essential as a shovel in creating, and getting creative on fresh trails.

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Ludo’s 4060 Z Bike Check

The accomplished alpine climber and master of maneuvers takes us on a tour of his SCOR 4060 Z, his trusted companion on the home trails of Verbier.

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