Finding Home Abroad

Shirley Klauer moved to Italy, unable to resist the landscape and relaxed way of life. But, presented with various challenges, things weren’t easy. Through riding she found solace, friendship and a realization that home can be anywhere you choose.

“I've always been a dreamer, constantly yearning for new experiences and adventures. When the opportunity arose to get a glimpse of life in Italy, I couldn't resist. I packed my dog and my bikes into my tiny rolling home and took off, filled with excitement and curiosity. What could go wrong? Let's see how it goes.

It wasn't long before I realized I had arrived in a paradise I could have only dreamed of. Here, time seemed to tick a little slower, allowing me to savor every moment. The woods around me were like a lush jungle, with lianas draped elegantly and adorned with little heart-shaped leaves. As I rode along the trails, I caught glimpses of the glittering sea, a sight that never failed to make me smile. How could anyone resist the charm of such a place?

However, not everything was as easy as it seemed. Adapting to a different way of living and learning a new language presented its own set of challenges. Whenever I felt overwhelmed or uncertain, I found solace in jumping on my bike. Out on the trails, riding through the beautiful landscapes, we all spoke the same language – a universal connection through our shared passion for riding.

I've had it confirmed that the concept of home isn't tied to a specific place. Instead, it depends on the people you are surrounded by and the things that bring you joy every day. In this new environment, surrounded by breathtaking nature and a supportive community, I found a sense of belonging.

For me, living in Italy has been a testament to the power of dreams and the incredible experiences that await when you take a leap of faith.

Be careful what it is that you dream of. It just might become reality.”

Shirley's Bike Setup

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