Magura Brake Setup

You’ve just fitted your fancy new brakes, time to hit the trails, right? Well, not quite. A little time spent adjusting simple things like brake lever position and angle can make a big difference to comfort, control and power.

This guide is just that, a guide. As with anything that’s to do with ergonomics it really comes down to personal preference, riding style and your position on the bike. If it works for you, it works.

More Feel

Getting your brake levers in just the right position is the easiest way to feel more in control. Try moving the master cylinder towards or further away from the end of the grips, change the angle of the levers, dial the levers in and out. All these changes can be made on the trail, so experiment and find what feels right for you.

If after all that you’re still not quite happy with your lever feel you can choose a different lever blade. Magura has plenty of options, so if you’re looking for a closer or wider reach to the bars, less power or more power, it’s all possible.

More Power

Who doesn’t want more power when it comes to braking? Two easy changes you can make to boost power are to fit bigger rotors and to change your brake pads.

When it comes to disc size the bigger the better. If your idea of better is more power, of course. A 10mm larger disc provides 10% more power (because science) just remember that if you do decide to super-size your discs you’ll need to change the brake adapters that sit between your calipers and fork and frame.

Don’t go too crazy though. For a start that 220 mm disc won’t fit in your frame and using too large a disc won’t allow the brakes to get up to their optimal working temperature.

Brake pads are more than just consumable parts. In terms of value for money, changing your pads is one of the best upgrades you can make to increase stopping power. Simply by changing pad compounds you can achieve 20% more brake power.

So which pad compound should you choose? Magura offers a range of pads with different compounds to suit your riding. Want maximum power in the dry and not bothered about silent performance? Go for the Race compound. Need full power in all conditions? Try the Performance compound. Want a mix of all-round power and ease of use? Go for the Sport compound.

More More

If custom Slicy decals on your SCOR frame make you go faster (it’s a proven fact) then Magura’s custom design master cylinder covers and caliper rings probably make you stop faster too.